Tips for Wedding Pizzas

Tips for Wedding Pizzas

As one of the longest established mobile wood-fired pizza companies operating in Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, Staffordshire and Cumbria, we have probably catered more weddings and more venues than any other supplier.

We know many couples start their wedding planning at this time of the year, so we thought we would share some top tips and pass on some of our experience when looking to plan your wedding wood-fired pizzas.

  1. Size isn’t everything – but it certainly helps!

The Woodland Rover has the largest mobile commercial oven on the market. This means we can cook many more pizzas over the shortest period of time compared to other suppliers. We understand you don’t want your guests spending their time queuing for food when they should be chilling out, relaxing or dancing.

Many newer companies in this market have very small ovens, sometimes just on stands, and they simply can’t keep up with demand, leading to long waiting times for food. Our oven comfortably can hold six 10″ pizzas at a time and cooks them in less than 90 seconds, so there’s no waiting for food at our weddings.

2.  Things are better with experience

It is always wise to check out the experience of any company you are choosing to supply your big day. How long have they been operating, how many weddings have they done, what connections have they got with other suppliers and venues…?

The Woodland Rover proudly supplies around 80 weddings every year, which means we have pretty much encountered every scenario over the years and can pass this experience on to couples giving them confidence their day will be the very best it can be. We know instinctively how many pizzas you will need, depending on your number of guests, what other food is available and the ratio of evening-only and day guests. We can also pass on contact details for the very best suppliers in the industry.

3.  Have your suppliers worked at your venue before?

We know couples love to have the stress and worry of planning their big day minimised and one thing our clients tell us time and time again is how reassuring it is when we have catered at their venue in the past. This means we already have a working relationship with the venue and know where is best to set up, how the venue operates and what will work best for your guests. We liaise with all our venues directly and have worked at pretty much every wedding venue in the North West. It’s just another thing you don’t have to worry about.

4.  You get what you pay for

There is a famous saying that you shouldn’t worry about how expensive your food is, but how cheap it is. From day one, we promised to never compromise on the quality of our ingredients, even if that means we aren’t the cheapest supplier in the market.

For example, we proudly use a special type of mozzarella prooduced by only a couple of brands that can often be difficult and expensive to import and costs us much more than the normal mozzarellas many restaurants and mobile pizza companies use. The result, however, is staggering and means clients tell us time and time again that ours are the best pizzas they have ever tasted.

It is a similar story with the rest of our ingredients. Our venison and Cotswold wild boar, for example, is from an artisan producer who supplies Michelin starred restaurants. In fact, every one of our ingredients is the finest we can source. Your wedding is one of the most memorable days in your life, so why risk ruining the experience with cheap, greasy and tasteless pizzas?!

5.  Maintain a tasteful theme

The most common type of feedback we get from our wedding venues in the North West, (apart from how wonderful our pizzas are) is how our Land Rover Defender fits in really well with the venue itself. Let’s face it, the Defender is a design classic and looks perfectly at home at venues ranging from farm fields and rustic wedding barns to grand stately manor houses and everything inbetween.

The Land Rover is a real symbol of countryside style and it fits in perfectly in the Cheshire, Lancashire and wider North West country locations, as well as bringing country cool to inner cities. There are many different types of ovens and vehicles in operation, but none in our opinion suit the locale as much as a Land Rover.

These are just a few tips on planning your wedding day. We never get bored of helping couples plan their big day and love to be involved as much or as little as our clients want us to be.

Above all – never be afraid to ask even what might seem the daftest of questions. We are more than happy to pass on our years of experience and help you achieve everything you want for yourselves and your guests.

Hopefully we will see you at your wedding!