About Us

About Us

Dan can trace his family history in agriculture back to the mid 17th century and spent much of his early working life on the farm. ‘Working the land’ is a passion and a way of life that never fully left.

There’s something about the British countryside that’s like no other in the world, once you’re in its grasp, you never really leave.

A chance conversation over an ale about a folk festival and wood fired pizza began the journey that ended in Dan converting his trusty green Land Rover Defender to a working vehicle of a totally different type.

In went the oven and off we went on the journey.

The Defender, now renamed The Woodland Rover, is our way of bringing the taste of the countryside to you through seasonal British farm produce topped wood-fired pizza.

The Woodland Rover will go where others fear to drive. From show grounds, to country weddings; street fairs to festivals, The Woodland Rover serves piping hot, mouth-watering pizza, flavoured with gorgeous wood smoke, in just 90 seconds.

To discuss booking The Woodland Rover for your event, call 07875 707850 or email hello@woodlandrover.co.uk